Salon Services

We have a full service grooming salon for all breeds of dogs and cats. Our spacious grooming and bathing salon displays cleanliness and safety for your pet. We utilize electric tables to ensure your pet's comfort and to make the grooming experience pleasurable for your pet.

Our seasoned groomer Samuel has been with our resort since June 1990 and takes pride in the grooming services he provides for our customers pets. Samuel and his team are experienced stylists that strive to make your furry friend look their best upon departure of our salon.

Please note, while Samuel is a very experienced pet stylist, he does not offer show dog grooming.

Another feature of our grooming salon is the "Hydro-Surge" bathing system. It provides jacuzzi like jet action that makes for a stimulating and soothing bath experience for your cherished pet.


  • Special Trims
  • Hot Oil Treatments
  • Hydro-Surge Bathing
  • Organic Flea Baths
  • Medicated or Oatmeal Shampoos Available
  • Flea Dips - Organic or Regular
  • Pedicures
  • Nail Trims
  • Drummel Nails
  • Brushing and Deshedding


All full grooming and bathing costs include: haircut (full grooming only), bathing, trimming nails, cleaning the eyes and ears. Prices vary by breed so please call our office for rates.

Additional Charges (Subject to Change)

Medicated or Oatmeal Shampoos

Flea Dips

Nail Trim Only


$10.00 to $15.00
Hot Oil Treatments

$5.00 to $10.00
Drummel Nails

(Dematting is based on coat condition)

$10.00 to $60.00

All grooming services require an appointment. Remember to book early for all Holiday grooming appointments.