Play Yard

We offer two separate large play yard areas for our guests that are signing up for playtime sessions.  Pictured below is our front enclosed play yard which is a wonderful choice for our friends that like to run around off leash or play fetch.  If that sounds like your furry friend, let us know when you’re signing up and bring your friends favorite fetch toy from home.  Please note that all fetch balls must be large than a tennis ball.





Pictured above is our other play yard area.  If our front yard is unavailable, we have tethers set up in this yard so your pet can still enjoy running.  This is also a good area for our guests that are a little slower and may require special attention.


We now have an additional play area designated specifically for our “Doggie Group Social”.  Check out the photos below for a little sneak peak and visit our “Social Hour Page” for all the details and requirements to join.

1_Social_Yard_004 2_Social_Yard_008