Social Hour



It's very important for us to have as much information about your pet as possible prior to admission.

Please follow the link below to print out our Group Social Application. Please provide as much information about your pet as you can.

Group Social Application (PDF)

Hey Folks, Have you heard the news!?

Peninsula Pet Resort now offers fully supervised DOGGIE GROUP SOCIAL TIME!

We have this really super huge turf area at the back of our Resort where, if you're like me (who LOVES hanging out with buddies), you GOTTA try it!

Important things you need to know 1st...


We must be neutered/spayed and show that we are current with our vaccines (rabies, distemper & bordetella) in order to attend social hour. Also, you need to tell our customer service people if we have any little quirks that our Social Hour Host needs to know so we can all play safely together.

 Because here's the thing, even though we passed our evaluation, some days we may be a little grumpy and these folks need to know this, so check out the form next to my smiling face, download it, print it and make sure you get it to the resort so they know all about you before you stop in for a play date with me and my friends.

Now, A few details..

  • First 'Group' is from 8:30am to 10:30am - running, playing, etc. Then, for some reason, they think we need a naptime from 10:30 until 1:00 (They say we'll need some rest & that they need to clean up after us in the yard).

  • Second 'Group' is from 1pm to 3pm - more playing again! Yippee!

  • The cost: $15 for 1/2 day - you can choose either the am or pm session (2 hours per session) or
                    $25 for the full day (total of 4 hours of playing & hanging out)

    Please make sure your furry friend arrives 15 minutes prior to the start of each play session, any pet arriving once sessions have begun will not be admitted (to disruptive to the group).

Most Important: Please pick us up by 6pm or we'll be spending the night away from you (don't worry, they do feed us if we have to sleep over).

For more information please call us at (650) 592-2441 or just ask someone at the front desk!